Joe Roman on the site selection process

In in recent note to GCP members, Joe Roman, president and CEO of the Greater Cleveland Partnership said: 

“Given the Cuyahoga County Commissioners’ preference for a downtown location and the amount of land needed to accommodate a 300,000-square foot exhibition space plus showrooms and back-office functions, only a few sites currently seem to meet these criteria, although other ‘wild-card’ locations may emerge as possibilities. The Site Selection Advisory Group, headed by GCP Chairman Fred Nance, expects to make a recommendation to the county—which will make the final decision—either late this year or early in 2008. It’s important to note that we don’t consider the Medical Mart to be a single project that can ensure our region’s economic future. But it does promise to positively influence several key areas: helping to revitalize downtown Cleveland—critical to the Northeast Ohio economy; creating jobs for individuals with varying levels of skill and education (hospitality, healthcare, construction and high-tech); providing linkages that create opportunities for our existing manufacturing companies; and taking steps to position Cleveland as the healthcare capital of the United States.”

 Amanda Marko
Greater Cleveland Partnership


One Response to “Joe Roman on the site selection process”

  1. Kate Says:

    “creating jobs for individuals with varying levels of skill and education (hospitality, healthcare, construction and high-tech)”

    I am curious about the top brass of this business. Will the CEO, CFO, COO, management and administrative staff live here? How does that economic model work? I get that the server at the sandwich shop will have more customers and the bellhop bags to ferry — more tips, but who will run this Medmart and make the 6 digits? How many jobs for Cleveland professionals will actually be in-house and ongoing at the Medmart itself? Does the profit go to Merchandise Mart in Chicago or to Cleveland? This has been confusing to me all along. Did I miss the post that had the human resources plan? And do we expect that major medical vendors will move staff to Cleveland permanently to staff their exhibits?

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