Advisory groups and the timeline

The Cleveland Plus Visitor Center (The Higbee Building, 100 Public Square) was the site for the announcement of the action plan for moving ahead the Medical Mart project.

The presentation (slide1.jpg) included a desciption of the advisory groups that are being formed (slide2.jpg) and the timeline that will be followed (slide3.jpg).  The site selection group, chaired by Fred Nance, will include the chairs of the other advisory groups and some mebers of the Greater Cleveland Partnership executive committee and the COSE executive committee. The work of the site selection advisory group will get underway first.  The other advisory groups will start forming now and will become more active as the site selection advisory group wraps up its work.

Amanda Marko

Greater Cleveland Partnership


2 Responses to “Advisory groups and the timeline”

  1. Steve Rucinski Says:

    What is the purpose of this blog? Who are the authors? If you offer commenting ability why won’t you publish comments. Blogs are for community DIALOGUE.

  2. clevemedmart Says:

    The Medical Mart Blog was created to help educate the community on Medical Mart that we’re trying to attract to Cleveland.

    This blog, as our the profile clearly states, is being maintained by the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Greater Cleveland and the Greater Cleveland Partnership. We even go a step further and sign our blog entries so that readers know precisely who has posted a particular entry.

    We encourage comments. We’ve received questions, feedback and suggestions from commenters. And we’ve been responsive to them. We also have the website that also has updated information about the Medical Mart.

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